quick feb update.

marveled at a green witch on stage. roller-bladed on inline skates along the east coast. watched Chronicle on the big screen. these were just some of my feb weekend goings-on. i’m turning 23 tomorrow, and i’ve bought my bus tickets to spend the final weekend of feb with friends and family. i can’t wait!

i think we’re making Fudge Brownies tonight. yums (:

2 years ago on 23 February 2012 @ 11:28am

red-lipped on cny.

first day of chinese new year 2012 i painted my lips red. mom said i look like the joker, i said i look like a hooker. i guess i’m not much of a make-up person. i try the occasional cat-eye eyeliner trick but honestly, my eyes are already cat-like to begin with. nowadays, all i put on my face is BB cream and that’s it. i’m tired of trying to look pretty, tired of putting on a facade. but sometimes, for the heck of it, i just wanna add some red to my face, black lines to the eyes and a dash of pink on my cheeks. ah, the beauty and ignominy of make-up.

so cny came and gone. got to see my lovelies, mom and sissies <3 basically i took a coach back to kl, to spend a night in shah alam/klang and head straight back south to johor and the next day to singa-land. got shitloads of ringgits, after conversion still loads of dollars :)

hope i can go back to MY soon again, to see my other lovelies. i miss chewing gum, i miss the 24hour supply of canai, i miss my indian and semi-indian friends, i miss worship leading, i miss wearing high heels and driving, i miss running around naked in my living room (ok, i still do that, but only after midnight when housemates are sleeping). so yeah. this is me signing off, watch this space for more mediocre stuff i’ll be up to.

p.s. life was more exciting as a uni student. haha! now it’s just wake up, work, come back, run around naked in the living room. sigh.

2 years ago on 3 February 2012 @ 12:53pm

from nursery to nitro.

happy new year! ok, i’m a week late. how time flies, it’s been three months or so that i’ve stayed, worked and played in the land down under from my real home. THREE MONTHS! there’s been ups and downs for me. up that i get to see my man everyday and that we’re able to do lots of baking, random art and jog together. oh, shopping in sg has been a real blast too! browsing thru the amount of tags in sgd is def much more pleasing to de eyes.. i’ve yet to buy a single item that is above the hundred mark! lol.

along the months, new friends were made. lots of dinner sessions, buffets and parties. i’ll cont. this blog post with pictures cause mere words are boring now.

i guess that’s pretty much what i’ve been up to last couple of months. just eating lots of meat, experimenting with shoe art (or should i say FAILED shoe art), shopping, and well, been under training. next week, i’d be “on the floor”, no more under nursery/training. i’ll miss my training buddies but here’s to a new year, new shift and new team!

2 years ago on 7 January 2012 @ 7:14pm 9 notes

Their PAWS meet my hands.

Some young adults and I from my church paid a visit to PAWS recently, as volunteers. Was my first time stepping foot into an animal shelter, didn’t really know what to expect. Not until we were given the systematic task of 1. Walking the Dog. 2. Bathing the Dog. 3. Drying the Dog, that I was completely overwhelmed by the feeling of hopelessness and sympathy for each four-legged canine. Overall, 7 of us handled over 50 dogs. Although some dogs were overtly active when taken out for a walk, ALL of them behaved well when we showered them — hosing them with cold water, rubbing them to a soupy fluff and drying them off with a towel.

Although I can’t speak woof (duh) but I can see it in them doggie eyes that they so sad. But then again, all dogs look sad, hahahha. I don’t know. I thoroughly enjoyed myself though, it was such a humbling experience. I’ve never really had a pet dog before but I would want one in the future, definitely.

Oh yeah! There were kitty cats too! We didn’t do much with them, I mean.. Cats don’t need to be walked, nor showered. Still, I found this albino-looking kitten to be so irresistible, blue-eyed and the whitest fur. So cute! Too bad it’s not up for adoption. But overall, great Saturday afternoon spent. Would drop by again one fine day ;)

3 years ago on 14 August 2011 @ 3:46pm

It’s Gonna Be Legend.. Wait for It..

My lack of blogging reflects the lack of happenings in my life. It’s the same ol’ same ol’ from Monday to Friday: Wake up, have coffee, check emails, have banana soy-shake, call up editors, have dinner (either with Nish, Kavi and Al or with Yi Wen and family). Occasionally, in the evening, Yi Wen will take me out for fishing and we’d end up catching a bunch of — wait for itleaves. We tried three different swamps/lakes but I guess fishes are racist, they don’t like biting the hooks that are cast out by Chinese hands. Boohoo racist fishes!

Jogging happens quite rarely but it does happen, but most of the time I’d stay at home, stream some movies or better yet, watch an entire past season of How I Met You Mother. Ah, bliss. But I crave for the next adventure, I crave to be outdoors as much as possible, not much of getting a tan but more of breathing fresh air and doing something that makes me sweat buckets! Hehe, and I was really thankful that KW and HS asked us out on a double date to — wait for itSkyTrex Adventure! So the two of them plus me and Yi Wen took on the Extreme Challenge, with heights estimated to soar about 22 meters off ground. All of us ain’t scared of heights so it was pretty much a breeze! What would have took a person 2 hours to complete, we finished in only about an hour or so. GO US!

I especially enjoyed the numerous Flying Foxes laid out in the course. The only sorta scary thing was that we had to hook our safety gear all by ourselves! So yeah, I didn’t really feel the pressure or thought about it much until Yi Wen pointed it out at the end. Haha, I guess I’m too much of an adrenaline junkie to care. Had concerns about the Monkey Bars but I guess I was too short for it since my safety harness kept pulling me up, so basically I cheated my way through the whole course. But again, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Haha.

Mission Accomplished! After many ropes and swinging in the air, we actually look good for people who just spent an hour up in the trees. So that was probably gonna be the highlight of my summer. Haha. Sigh, no more long-stretch of holiday sessions as per in university years. I guess what they say is true: the best years of your life is while you’re in college/university. Ah! But I shall not listen to general views, I’m gonna make the best out of my working life, you’ll see! There’s much more to come so — wait for it.

3 years ago on 23 July 2011 @ 1:14pm